Short-term absence.

Long-term absence.

Unauthorised absence.

Liaising with Occupational Health and/or GPs. 

Managing a phased return to work.

Ending employment due to ill health.  


Top Tips for Absence Management


Case Study

Kerris was asked to support a manager whose long-standing employee had been on sick leave for a number of months, unable to work on the shopfloor due to losing their eyesight.  

Kerris met with the manager and employee who was accompanied by a family member, and obtained the employee's consent to write to their GP. Unfortunately the GP's report stated that the employee's eyesight was unlikely to improve sufficiently to enable them to return to work. 

A further meeting was held with the manager and the employee, and the contents of the report were discussed. The employee agreed that they were unable to return to work in their current position, or any position on the shopfloor, and consequently a decision was reached to end their employment. A right of appeal was provided but was not acted upon.    


HR Software

I can provide access to HR software to enable you to manage your employees' absence much easier.  

This software provides the ability to:

View employee sickness trends.

View absence at a glance.

Submit and approve absences on the system.

Pull absence reports so you can detect problems before they develop.

Obtain a Bradford Factor score for each employee.