Absence Management

Short-Term Absence

Eight points to consider when manging short-term absence:

1. What does your sickness policy state?

2. What is the reason for the sickness?

3. How many sickness episodes has the employee had within the past 12 months?

4. Does the employee have any underlying medical conditions? Has the employee declared any concerns?

5. Is anything contributing to the employee’s absence, such as stress? Is this work-related?

6. Does the employee need any support going forward?

7. Are there any patterns emerging, e.g. is the employee taking a disproportionate number of Mondays off sick?

8. Do you have any other employees with a similar level of sickness, or similar patterns? How have you treated them?

Long-Term Absence

Six points to consider when managing long-term absence:

1. What does your sickness policy state?

2. Has the employee previously declared any health concerns?

3. Do you have a full understanding of the situation?

4. When does the employee think that they will be able to return to work?

5. What is the GP’s or Occupational Health’s opinion about when the employee will be able to return to work and what adjustments you may need to make?

6. Is a phased return to work possible?