The Consultancy supports employers to take action in line with their disciplinary policy and procedure including:

Providing support throughout investigation meetings and disciplinary hearings. 

Ensuring employees are thoroughly aware of what is expected of them.

Identifying obstacles to individuals achieving the standards (e.g. training needs or support) and providing help with remedial action.

Working with employees to agree suitable goals and timescales for improvement.


Top Tips for Disciplinary Situations


Case Study

Kerris was contacted due to an employee placing derogative comments regarding their employer onto social media. The employee believed that they could write what they wanted to on their own personal page especially as they had not named the employer. The manager was not happy. 

Kerris attended the workplace and investigated into the situation. The company did not have a Social Media Policy and the employees had not been made aware of unacceptable usage of social media. It therefore may have been risky to have taken disciplinary action against the employee. 

Kerris produced a Social Media policy and helped the manager introduce it to the employees. The policy clearly detailed when employees will be seen as representing the company, how employees are expected to help protect the company brand, and what is classed as gross misconduct and may therefore be a dismissable offence.