Employee Relations

Supporting you through any difficult or challenging employee situation,
remotely or in-person.


  • Liaising with Occupational Health and/or GPs. 

  • Managing a phased return to work.

  • Frequent short-term absence.

  • Unauthorised absence.

  • Ending employment due to ill health.  


  • Setting SMART objectives. 

  • Determining training requirements.

  • Establishing a performance review process. 

  • Providing support when employees are not meeting their objectives.  


  • Ensuring employees are thoroughly aware of what is expected of them.

  • Identifying obstacles to individuals achieving the standards (e.g. training needs or support) and helping you to take remedial action.

  • Assisting you and your employees to agree suitable goals and timescales for improvement.


  • Providing individuals with a course of action if they have a complaint which they are unable to resolve informally.

  • Supporting a thorough investigation process.

  • Establishing a plan to resolve issues of concern.


Top Tips For...


Absence Management

Disciplinary Situations

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