Engagement Surveys

What are they?

An engagement survey enables you to learn in detail how your employees feel regarding certain issues, what they believe you are doing well and what improvements they would like to see.

Engagement can cover motivation, physical and emotional wellbeing, psychological security and employee satisfaction. Engaged employees will generally be more motivated, productive and committed to their work and their employer.

How can the Consultancy support you?

A personalised approach can be agreed, often consisting of the following steps:

1. A meeting to decide exactly what you would like to measure and why you would like to conduct an employee survey. Would you like a survey which delves deep into certain issues or is fairly open-ended to give employees free reign with the information that they can provide?

2. Work with you to produce the survey – create a balance between open and closed questions; keep it short and simple to increase the response rate; word your questions without bias.

3. Roll out the survey to your employees.

4. Present the results to you and then support you to present these results to your team.

5. Conduct focus groups with your employees to understand their responses in more detail.

6. Hold a meeting with you to discuss the information and create a plan in line with any responses that you would like to act on.

6. Attend a meeting with all employees to communicate the action plan.

7. Provide ongoing support to introduce the changes.    

What useful ideas has Kerris helped embed as a result of using engagement surveys?

Kerris has provided support to embed many different ideas which have arisen as a result of engagement surveys, including:

Team Leader training

Pay Bands

Buddy system for new starters

Suggestion box for ongoing employee ideas

Employee newsletter