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The Consultancy supports employers by:

Attending and providing support through any grievance hearings.

Providing individuals with a course of action if they have a complaint which they are unable to resolve informally.

Supporting a thorough investigation process.

Establishing a plan to resolve issues of concern.


Top Tips for

Managing Grievances


Case Study

Kerris was contacted by a manager who had received a group grievance raised against one of their team leaders. The grievance referred to bullying. Normally part of the group grievance process is for the employees to nominate a representative however due to the complexity of the situation Kerris and the manager met with all of the employees who had submitted the letter. A thorough investigation process was held and the decision was reached that the working relationship between the team and their team leader was irreparable. 

Through the investigation process it was determined that the team leader was highly stressed and had received insufficient support with their workload. Consequently disciplinary action was not taken against the team leader. As it was not possible to offer the team leader an alternative position, a delicate conversation was held with the team leader and a settlement agreement was reached.