Policies and Procedures

Creating and reviewing your policies and procedures


Creating Your Policies and Procedures

The Consultancy works with employers to create personalised employment contracts and employee handbooks containing all the policies and procedures that your business requires.

Support is then provided to establish these documents within your business. 

Reviewing Your Policies and Procedures

The Consultancy will review any employer's policies and procedures for free.

A report will then be produced highlighting any areas where you could be legally exposed, and any amendments that are advisable in line with best practice.

Following this, we can agree an action plan on how to amend the documents and establish the new versions within your business. 

Case Study

Kerris was asked to review an Employee Handbook within an engineering company. The Handbook contained a lot of detailed information that was not related to HR, and was missing important HR aspects including family friendly sections and the right to request training. 

Kerris reviewed the Handbook and met with the management team to discuss the desired amendments. The Handbook was then amended and copies were provided to Employee Representatives for their consideration. Finally a meeting was held with all employees to present the final version.