Onboarding and Probation

The induction process is a vital part of taking on a new employee and contributing to their long-term success with your business. An employee who feels valued is much more likely to stay with your company and prevent you from having to spend time and money on recruiting and training a replacement.​

Six points to consider when a new employee is starting with your company:

1. Before the new employee starts

Issue the employment contract and handbook.

Create a simple checklist of information to be covered.

Prepare the workstation.

2. The First Day

Does the employee understand the documentation they were issued?

Clarify H&S requirements.

Introduce their colleagues.

Show them the facilities.

3. The first week

Build on introductions.

Discuss the business' future aims.

Fully explain the job.

Assign some simple tasks.

Ensure full understanding of the rules & H&S.

4. The first month

Provide specific support and development.

Provide regular feedback.

5. The three month review

Typically the time for a mid-probation review.

Provide constructive feedback, agree any support, and set SMART goals.

6. The six month review

Typically the time to decide if the employee has passed their probation.

If the employee is staying then provide feedback, agree training and set SMART goals.