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Employers benefit from the Bespoke Support of a Small HR Consultancy

It is believed that 70% of businesses with between 5 and 49 employees are assigning HR responsibilities to Office Managers with limited HR experience. Office Managers do have the option of using nationwide HR providers to obtain remote HR support, however if you use this service are you managing to build a substantial relationship with the same HR professional? Will that professional take the time to fully understand and appreciate your business? Will they care about your business and know and remember which HR concerns you may have been facing a couple of months ago? Consistency in the way that you treat your employees is important to not only employee morale but also to help avoid any court claims.    

When you work with a small HR Consultancy then time will be taken to visit your site as required, the same HR professional will be at your site or at the end of a phone whenever you reach out for help and you will have built a relationship based on trust and confidence. Over time your HR consultant will have obtained a very strong understanding of your business, your employees, and the problems that you typically face. You will still only pay for the services that you require making this a highly cost-effective option for businesses which do not require their own HR department.

Small HR Consultancies provide support to employers in many ways, the following is a list of some of the most requested services:

1. Administration

It is necessary, and at times a legal requirement, for HR administration to be accurate and up to date. The amount of administration increases with each new employee and managing it manually can quickly become difficult.

Kerris Crook HR Consultancy has partnered with a leading software provider to supply access to HR data via the Cloud, covering everything from sickness to holidays, training, and appraisals. The software enables employees and managers to process HR transactions directly. The Consultancy will upload the data for you and conduct regular reports on any information as agreed, such as sickness or turnover. Tailored advice and guidance is then provided to enable you to address and improve the reports.  

2. Policies and the Law

HR policies provide a structured work environment and clarify expectations so that everybody can understand them. Whilst you can obtain these policies from ACAS or online, if they are just off the shelf then are they fit for your business? Likewise, do you know how to interpret and apply them in line with the law? Cases can succeed in court when the Tribunal deems that an employer has not acted within the “band of reasonable responses”. Even though you may have a policy, do you know what may or may not be classed as a reasonable response?

Kerris has previously worked as an Employee Relations Manager, managing a team of HR Advisors on a helpline, and has also travelled around the country to many sites providing HR support. Kerris has therefore experienced many situations including hundreds of disciplinary cases and numerous restructures and redundancies. Kerris can review your policies and procedures to ensure that they are fit for your business and provide advice and support through any individual HR situation. This service can take place through Zoom or in-person.     

3. Recruitment

How you word your job adverts, respond to your candidates, and conduct your interviews all portrays your business to the outside world. What would you like your candidates to be saying about your business? When the number of job hunters is very high you are likely to receive a lot of applications for any vacancy, do you have the time to review and respond to every application in a professional manner?

Kerris Crook HR Consultancy has invested in recruitment software to be able to manage your recruitment requirements. Kerris can work with you to determine the contents of the job, then write your advert, manage candidate liaisons, conduct preliminary telephone conversations, and present the most suitable CVs. Kerris can also attend your workplace for the in-person interviews should you so wish. Multiple recruitment agencies and job boards can be tied onto the ATS should these be required for more niche roles, meaning that Kerris can manage the relationship between your business and the agency, answering all questions and ensuring that you only receive copies of the most relevant CVs.

4. Culture

HR can support employers to ensure that companies really do embody their desired culture. For instance, if one of your company’s priorities is safety then a HR consultant can help you to recruit employees who prioritise safety whilst at work, record and report on the licencing and training requirements, and provide advice on how to reward these behaviours.  

Kerris established a safety culture on a small engineering site, and also a customer-focused culture on retails sites, by highlighting the associated behaviours in job adverts, asking pertinent questions in job interviews, and designing appraisal and reward structures which benefit employees in line with these behaviours.  

5. Engagement Surveys

Maintaining employee engagement is very important regardless of the size of your business. A business’ overall engagement score will tell you the percentage of your workforce that is enthusiastic about their work and committed to the company and are likely to be telling others accordingly. Employees who are engaged are likely to stay with your business for longer, work harder and perform better, which will all increase your profits.

The Consultancy can support you to introduce and roll out engagement surveys so that you can find out how your employees are truly feeling. Team meetings can then be held to address the scores and devise action points to improve any weak areas.

Kerris has seen many employee ideas arise because of following this process including changes to a skills matrix, pay bands, training opportunities, and succession plans.


Kerris enjoys getting to know clients and building a relationship based on trust. If you may be interested in starting this relationship and would like to have a free conversation regarding your business and HR requirements, then you are very welcome to phone Kerris on 07753 743468 or send an email to

Alternatively, further information can be obtained from the website

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