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How to implement a Workforce Plan in your Manufacturing Business

Updated: Feb 3

A Workforce Plan will help you to have the right people with the right skills at the right time. It will also help you to address potential concerns such as employee turnover and inconsistent productivity.

This is vital to help address the skills gap which the manufacturing industry is facing.

1) Decide your business objectives

(these could have easily changed during the current uncertainties)

2) Assess your employees

How many employee do you have?

What skills do they possess?

What’s your turnover rate?

Are your employees working at full capacity?

3) Identify your workforce needs

Do you need to train your current employees or team leaders? How will this training take place?

Do you need to hire new people?

Do any of your employees’ skillsets no longer fit, do you need to let them go?

4) Assess your company’s design

Do you have the right job descriptions in place?

Is your structure correct, are your employees reporting into the right team leaders?

5) Identify how you will motive and keep your employees

How will you reward your employees? What benefits will you provide?

How will you determine their salary?

5) Decide your succession plan

Who will cover or eventually replace each role within your company, including yours?

5) Execute the plan.

Ensure you keep a weekly update report, and have options in place should these be required.

6) Evaluate the plan

Have you recruited the skills that you wanted to? Are your objectives still relevant?

Would you like to discuss your workforce plan? Just email to arrange a free Zoom call.

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