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HR for Startups:- Which documentation you should have in place and why

There are many reasons to introduce the right HR documents into your business, including that they:

· Reflect employment law and therefore help to protect you against legal claims

· Clarify yours' and your employees' rights and responsibilities

· Provide written and practical advice and guidance on how to handle a range of employment issues

· Provide fairness, consistency and transparency

· Create a positive organisational culture

· Speed up the decision-making process.

The Essentials

1) Employment Contract:

· Legal requirement from day one of employment

· Key document which sets out the relationship with your employees including their rights and entitlements

· Protects your business from risk, protects your intellectual property and prevents your employees from competing against you directly after leaving your employment.

2) Privacy Notice:

· Legal requirement informing your employees of their rights in relation to their data, the information you process, and why.

The Next Level

1) Grievance Policy:

· Establishing a process ahead of time prevents having to devise one when emotions are high

· Clarifies who a grievance can be raised with

· Details informal and formal steps

· Defines an appeals procedure.

2) Disciplinary Policy:

· Enables you to address employee performance or behaviour that is below the required standard

· Includes a non-exhaustive list of behaviour that will be regarded as gross misconduct

· Details the steps to take if disciplinary action is required

· Includes different levels of warnings, suspension, demotion and dismissal.

3) Sickness Absence Policy:

· Enables you to manage both high level short-term absence and long-term absence

· Details who the employee should inform if they are absent, how they should do this, and the timescale for doing so

· States the certification that you require for different time periods

· Provides information around sick pay.

4) Employee Handbook:

· Welcomes new employees to your company

· Reflects your organisational culture and sets the tone

· Can include additional policies such as different forms of absence, flexible working, internet and social media use, and Health and Safety.

Would you like more support?

The fixed price HR Startup Pack ensures that your business has the right HR documentation. This documentation is tailored to your business needs and aligned to your culture. It ensures that your company is legally compliant and provides the necessary framework to support your business. It will save you time and money.

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