Recruiting in line with Your Values

Are you aware that any recruitment activity you do is already in line with your values?

How you advertise your positions, communicate with your candidates, and make the final choice is all driven by your underlying values.

However are you using your values to their maximum impact?

Consciously recruiting and selecting in line with your values results in:

Reduced employee turnover leading to less disruption for you and your team.

Increased employee satisfaction and performance.

An enhanced team fit increasing innovative outcomes as colleagues are more likely to suggest unique ideas.

All saving you time and money, and helping to create a sustainable profit.


There are a variety of mechanisms which you can use to recruit in line with your values, including:

Ensuring your values appear on job adverts and postings, and your company page.

Clarifying your values on your adverts. 

Detailing how your values translate into the job.

Value based interview questions.​

Personality questionnaires.

Kerris Crook HR Consultancy can work with you to determine your values, and proactively use them throughout your recruitment process.