Recruitment and Selection

Reviewing your process from Recruitment to Probation

Do you want to advertise a vacancy but are feeling overwhelmed by thinking about the number of applications that you are likely to receive? Or are you finding it difficult to fill your vacancies due to lack of applications from skilled candidates? Do your new employees not possess the skills you thought they did? Are good employees leaving the business too quickly?

The Consultancy will conduct a free review of your process from recruitment to probation and make suggestions for improvement in line with industry standards and best practice. 

Just contact Kerris for a questionnaire regarding your current processes, we will then chat through your responses. Any work agreed as a result will be priced in line with your budget requirements.   

Recruitment Packages

The Consultancy has partnered with a leading recruitment software provider to be able to supply you with an Applicant Tracking System and the support of a recruitment team, as a cost-effective alternative to a recruitment agency.

Recruitment packages include:

Working with you to create the job description and person specification.

Creating the job advert.

Advertising the vacancy on job boards.

Conducting initial telephone interviews with the most relevant candidates.

Providing copies of their CVs, together with a summary of the screening call, highlighting why the candidate is a strong match.

Working with you to create interview questions for the second stage interview.

Recruitment Experience

Kerris has wide ranging recruitment experience including the following:

- Recruiting 50 maintenance engineers for Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport.

- Embedding a recruitment strategy within a nationwide retail company, and overseeing recruitment for new store openings.


Recruiting in line with Your Values