Training and Development

It can take time to train and develop your employees however fully trained employees will be much more productive and will also feel supported within their role. 

Cross-training your employees will ensure that it is easier for you to manage any sickness or holiday, and you will be able to assign your employees to different tasks according to business demand. This will give you more opportunities to fill any vacancy internally which is normally a cheaper, quicker and more reliable way to recruit.

Bringing in new skills is also important to ensure that your business can continue to provide a competitive service. 

Eight points to consider when training and developing your employees: 

1. What do your employees need to know to be able to do their jobs?

2. What knowledge and skills do your employees currently have?

3. What knowledge and skills do all of your employees need to learn? What is the easiest way for you to deliver this to everybody?

4. How can you strengthen your workforce by cross-training your employees? Which jobs are the most closely aligned to enable this?

5. What training can you deliver electronically?

6. What information can you include on the notice board, for instance a training checklist for employees to complete?

7. Who are your most competent employees in specific tasks, can they share their skills and knowledge?

8. Are you taking full advantage of the apprenticeship levy?